Human consumption and resource depletion

Displacement of farmers by large-scale farms causes some to seek new areas to farm and graze animals—using ever more marginal or ecologically fragile land. Tangible versus intangible[ edit ] Whereas, tangible resources such as equipment have actual physical existence, intangible resources such as corporate images, brands and patents, and other intellectual property exist in abstraction.

With large numbers like these and an outlook for continuous growth, it must be taken into concern that at some point, the U. There are also aquifers that are renewable, but which are being exploited far above their renewal rate.

Natural resources may be further classified in different ways. Common examples of capital include buildings, machinery, railways, roads, and ships. The poorest 20 percent, about 1. Global Common - words Water: Urbanization, Illegal logging, Agriculture, Subsistence Farming. This economic growth directly affects the demand on energy and the mineral resources we extract to produce it and everything related to it.

Rapid population aging—due to low or no population growth—confronts many of the wealthy countries and some not-so-wealthy ones.

Electricity alone is one of the greatest consumers of minerals, mainly coal, oil, and natural gas, that exist today. World Bank staff combined measures of inequality within countries with measures of inequality between countries using producer price parities to derive estimates of the share of consumption by world income deciles.

Thus, the situation with water as with the ocean fisheries makes it clear that even a renewable resource can be overexploited with detrimental consequences. Thus birth control programs in poor countries or other means to lower the population in these regions will do nothing to help deal with the great problems of global resource use and environmental destruction.

Global Resource Depletion

There are of course important exceptions to new harder to reach deposits driving or keeping prices higher. Many natural resources are essential for human survival, while others are used for satisfying human desire. On the basis of origin, natural resources may be divided into two types: Because growing populations help stimulate economies and provide more profit opportunities, capitalist economies have significant problems when their populations do not grow, do not grow fast enough, or actually decline.

Great Plains the Ogallala aquiferin northwestern India, and northern China are all being exploited so rapidly relative to recharge rates that water levels are falling rapidly. Some of these, like agricultural crops, take a short time for renewal; others, like water, take a comparatively longer time, while still others, like forests, take even longer.

For example, with the ecologically damaging hydraulic fracturing combined with horizontal drilling for oil and gas extraction from shale deposits, so much natural gas is being produced in the United States that its price has plummeted. Still another way to deal with depleted high-quality deposits is to exploit those of lower quality.

You can use it for cleaning or watering your plants. But when looked at more deeply, it is clear that this is not a solution to the real problems—global-scale nonrenewable resource depletion and environmental degradation—that so concern these people.

Consequences of Depletion of Natural Resources

The aquifers in the U. Important examples are agricultural areas, fish and other animals, forests, healthy water and soil, cultivated and natural landscapes. In approaching the source or tap problem, we have to recognize there is a finite planetary quantity of each nonrenewable resource that can be recovered economically.

Report: Consumption of Earth's resources unsustainable

Basic to the structure of globalized capitalism is that a small minority of the world population in the rich countries dominates large parts of the world, robbing them of their resources.

Our starting points should be: Stop polluting the ocean. In highlighting this development, the CEO of a copper mining company explained: Governments such as China, the United Arab Emirates, South Korea, Egypt, India, and Libya and private capital have been buying up or leasing under very favorable terms a truly astounding amount of agricultural land in Africa mainlysoutheast Asia, and Latin America—involving some 70 million hectares about million acres.

Thus if population was to decline in all countries at the same time, neither of the avenues that Germany is pursuing—increasing net exports and importing labor as needed—can possibly be open to all countries simultaneously.

Natural resource

At the same the same time capitalism generates a significant portion of the population whose basic needs are not being met.Some of these resources, like sunlight, air, wind, water, etc., are continuously available and their quantity is not noticeably affected by human consumption.

Though many renewable resources do not have such a rapid recovery rate, these resources are susceptible to depletion by over-use. Human Consumption and Resource Depletion This Essay Human Consumption and Resource Depletion and other 64,+ term papers, college essay examples and free essays are available now on Autor: review • November 4, • Essay • 1, Words (5 Pages) • Views.

The Living Planet Reporta biennial report on the state of the planet, measures the planet's biocapacity - the rate at which natural resources are generated vs. human consumption, and the. A report produced by the International Resource Panel (IRP), part of the UN Environment Programme, says rising consumption driven by a growing middle class has seen resources extraction increase from 22 billion tons in to 70 billon tons in Human Consumption of Earth's Natural Resources Has Tripled in 40 Years By Alex Kirby Humans' appetite for gnawing away at the fabric of the Earth itself is growing prodigiously.

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Human consumption and resource depletion
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