Working in an antique shop

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My wife made the newsletter a fun read by adding some funny things that always happened on the trip. You may also appreciate the fact that on averagethe utility models tend to cost a little less.

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Today, in this economy earlyI think you need to also have an internet presence where you sell antiques online see the article, selling antiques online successfully. Try to make it enjoyable to read and offer a sale to help get people to respond.

Wood is in great shape How much space will you get? Springfield model musket. And how many days is the antique group shop open? Then there is electricity, gas, phone, internet, and advertising.

I ended up doing the repairs on several revolvers that he had to return to his customers not repaired. Negotiating your first lease could be the most important decision you will make. Email Alerts We recommend you sign up for the Email Alerts.

Is this a 7 days a week place? Specializing in repairs of antique handguns, rifles, and shotguns manufactured prior to Dec. This becomes more important when you go on a buying trip, because then you have to factor food and lodging along with fuel expenses. Receiver and breech block are in original factory black.

No question is too elementary, so give us a call any time. This is because inexperienced sellers tend to look at each other's ads for pricing information. Google now has Google Places for nearly any type of business.

But with the benefits of having other antique dealers come the complaints that will invariably come when they are not happy.

What is the average price your items will sell for? If you want to advertise, then specialist magazines and directory listings are some of the most effective places.

Finally, the case is cleaned and buffed and the watch movement is placed back into its case. Color photos included for identification purposes. There were over twenty stores in one long strip. You can start with a list of designers and others in the trade and then encourage everyone that visits your store to sign up.Oct 30,  · Where Is The Antique Mall Or Group Shop?

Now that we have cleared up what you are selling and if you can make the rent. Where is this Antique Mall or group shop you are considering? If you have to bring an Eagle Scout with you to find it you may be in C.

Dianne Zweig - Kitsch 'n Stuff. Greetings! Welcome to the location on the web for obtaining the best wooden wheels for the Antique Automobile available today! Reproducing wood wheels, using your metal parts, for antique automobiles from the era of the Horseless Carriage to the early 's.

Antique Woods specializes in barn restorations, barn home conversion, small barn homes, barn home designs. Antique Plaza is located at W. Main St. in downtown Mesa, Arizona.

Our Annex, PAST VINTAGE, is 2 doors to the West at We are on the North West corner of Main St. and McDonald. Antique Plaza is a member of Valley of the Sun Antique Dealers Association Three hour parking is available [ ].

Part 2: Making Money In Antique Malls as a Vendor. Pinterest.

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Facebook. Doing craft shows or Antique Fairs is also a great way to see if your items are marketable. teach the classes but I will also work for the owner for the shop I am at a few hours a week.

It is a huge leap and alot of decision time into it but I am so excited. If you are thinking about opening an antique store or now have one but not making much money, this article will give you great suggestions to help insure that you have a successful antique owned our own antique store for over 25 years and I will share what worked and what did not works to help you not make some of the mistakes we and others made.

Working in an antique shop
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